• Maternity portraits :

                    Expecting a baby is such an exciting time in one's life!  The miracle of a new life growing inside of   you!

                     You are beautiful, and you should take the time to celebrate these changes and this amazing moment in                     your life. And it’s my job to make you feel gorgeous and special.

                    One day these photos will be a great memory.

  • Newborn portraits:

                     Those pink cheeks, button noes, tiny fingers, innocent smile-Don't you want to cherish those new born memories forever?

  • Baby (2-12 months) and Toddler portraits

                   Babies at this age are delightful ​are't they, when they learn to crawl, flip over, sit and walk, because once they learn to walk, there's no stopping them! Capture your little one's first wonderful year.

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