Terms & Conditions

1. Prior appointments are required for all photo shoots, 30% of the photography fee must be paid in advance before the photo shoot, at the time of booking. The balance photography fee will be due on the day of the photo shoot.

2. The photography advance fee is not refundable upon cancellation of shoot. Fee will be refunded if the shoot is cancelled within 48 hrs from the scheduled time.

3. The photography fee does not include prints, frames or albums / photo books, unless they are mentioned by the photographer.

4. Outdoor session : The photographer is not responsible for the quality of the images(due to poor lighting), if there is any delay by the client from the scheduled time in reaching the venue.

5. If additional re-touched photos are required (i.e., extra re-touched photos other than the number mentioned by the photographer), then an additional editing charge per photo will apply.

6. Additional prints or larger sized prints, Photo Books / Coffee Table Books can be arranged at a reasonable charge depending on the size and number of copies required.

7. The first owner of the copyright of all the images created from the photo shoots will be the photographer by default, under the brand name - 'M Photo factory'. The photographer will have the rights to display selected photos of his choice on the website 'www.mphotofactory.net' and also on select portals & social networking sites.

8. The extent of post production re-touching of photos will be based on the photographer's professional judgement.

9. We do not provide photos in the camera RAW format. 

10.The final edited images will be delivered in approx. 3 weeks from the date of the photo shoot.